At InterSolution 2020 you will be introduced to the newest innovations from leading solar companies. Below you find a brief selection:

Esdec expands steeldeck segment

Esdec invests a lot of time and knowledge into innovations every year. For example, in recent years a lot of time has been spent testing, measuring and further developing safe and reliable mounting systems. Esdec further implements these testresults and designs the ultimate system for on any roof; continuing to influence the solar market innovatively by designing and delivering safe and reliable solar mountingsystems is paramount. Esdec has involved independent consultancy firm Peutz in various tests and certifications of the mountingsystems. In addition to conducting extensive wind tests, Peutz recently certified the calculator according to the latest commision norms. In addition to the already existing FlatFix Fusion and ClickFit EVO system, at InterSolution 2020, Esdec will be presenting a new installation system in the ClickFit Steeldeck range. With this, Esdec highlights the diversity in installing larger surfaces on steel roofs, including agricultural, commercial or residential.

New generation residential selection, powerful and elegant TL-XE Series

TL-XE series are the most up-to-date smart on-grid inverter for single phase residential users and this is a complete revolution from the inside out. What 's more, these series have such strong adaptability, with DC/AC ratio up to 1.4, string current up to 12.5A, compatible with double-glass modules, type II SPD, AFCI optional. Also the inverter with OLED screen and touch button, makes it much easier to do configuration.

New three-phase residential and commercial Huawei Solar inverters

Come to the booth of Wattkraft Benelux and admire the award winning new three-phase residential and commercial Huawei Solar inverters. The inverter is ready for the future with the integrated plug & play battery interface. Recently, the first inverters are successfully installed in the Benelux. Quote installer: “The compact size and easy plugs allows to install the inverter very fast." New: with the Power Control from Wattkraft combined with Huawei SUN2000 inverters you can get the maximum capacity of your PV system without burden the connection. Curious? Come to the Wattkraft booth and we will update you about the latest techniques.

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