At InterSolution 2019 you will be introduced to the latest news from leading solar companies. Below you will find a selection of what you can expect:

ALIUSENERGY  VolThera Plug & Play, energy efficient and comfortable living 
We talk a lot about climate change and how to create a sustainable society. Many solutions are offered, creating the risk that we might not be able to see the wood for the trees. That is why AliusEnergy chooses smart solutions, making both electricity and heat generation sustainable by using VolThera, a panel on the roof thanks to which both electricity and heat are generated. Behind it is found the latest technology that connects to an inverter for electricity generation and a heat pump for heat generation. With VolThera we achieve maximum efficiency from the sun: per panel 265 kwh/year of electricity and 1,028 kwh/year of heat. That’s up to an amazing five times the energy output compared to PV, with heat generation in the night and on cloudy days, in every season. For a typical one-family house, VolThera provides an annual energy saving of 73%.

ECOTRONIC  PergoSlate: a terrace covering with solar modules? Yes, it is possible! 
PergoSlate offers a solution for pergolas in the widest sense of the word, for catering businesses, private terraces, carports, bicycle stores, garden sheds, and more. The construction is entirely made of coated aluminium profiles, with a choice of any RAL colour and 25 years’ warranty on the paint. Choose from three different styles from basic to modern to classic. The integrated solar modules overlap each other to ensure a watertight construction. Available in two versions glass/glass and two versions glass/Blacksheet. The construction is supplied in one package with standard dimensions. Upon request, Ecotronic can also supply sliding walls with glass and sun protection.

FRONIUS   Custom storage solutions 
For installation operators, it is important to consume self-generated power optimally. To this end, they must be able to store solar energy efficiently and use it flexibly. The portfolio of Fronius includes customised storage solutions for a range of applications: from hot water storage with the Fronius Ohmpilot, through compatible storage products from leading manufacturers such as LG and BYD, to the fully integrated all-in-one Frontex Energy Package. Unlike most providers, Fronius does not offer a single one-size-fits-all solution for everything. Instead, they offer a wide range of options so that the installer can choose exactly the right solution based on the individual situation of the customer and his or her preferences. The extensive world of Fronius storage solutions will be presented at InterSolution.

GPC EUROPE  New SMA Tripower series, Enphase IQ7 and Huawei inverters 
The well-known SMA Tripower is being succeeded by the Sunny Tripower 3.0-6.0. This three-phase inverter for private households combines top performance with maximum comfort for its users. With integrated shadow optimisation and SMA Smart connected, these inverters ensure maximum solar yield. The Enphase IQ7 and IQ7+, the seventh generation of micro-inverters, achieve the highest efficiency in their class and are optimised for high power modules with 60 and 72 cells. This range is fully compatible with the Envoy-S and the Enlighten monitoring and analysis system. In combination with the Enphase AC battery, you are completely ready for smart energy storage. The Huawei inverters are new in the range at GPC Europe. With both single-phase and three-phase inverters, optimisers and monitoring accessories, Huawei has an extremely complete product range at a very attractive price.

HANWHA Q CELLS | High performance is the standard with Q.PEAK DUO-G5 half cut cell module 
Recognised throughout the solar industry as a pioneering half cut cell module, the Q.PEAK DUO-G5 will be presented at InterSolution by Q CELLS. The Q.PEAK DUO was introduced to European markets at the beginning of 2018 and has rapidly emerged as a ground-breaking innovation in the module space, combining the power-enhancing properties of Q.ANTUM DUO technology and half cut cell performance with innovations such as six bus bars and round wire connectivity to deliver yields that are an average of 5% higher than the current industry standard PERC modules. Also available as an all-black version in the form of the Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 for enhanced aesthetics, these high-power solar modules are ideal for all types of installation, from private rooftops to large-scale ground-mounted arrays. The half cut cell technology ensures excellent low-light performance, meaning arrays fitted with the Q.PEAK DUO-G5 modules maximise daylight hours - no matter the location.

INDESOL  GREENROCK: Energy Storage with Energy Management System (EMS) 
The saltwater energy storage system from GREENROCK is a completely integrated power storage solution. The saltwater battery is based on environmentally friendly materials and is completely safe and maintenance-free. Electricity generated by photovoltaic or wind energy plants is stored and used during times when the sun is not shining or when there is no wind. In case of power outages, the battery offers back-up. Major consumers such as refrigerator, freezer, alarm system or others remain supplied. GREENROCK storage solutions are perfect for homes and commercial establishments that want to optimize their generated electric power for their own energy consumption. The technology has already successfully proven itself in thousands of installations. Capacity from 5 to 30 kWh for the standard systems and over 15 years of life.

KRANNICH SOLAR | New Axitec module with shingle technology 
With AXIblackperfect, AXITEC presents a new cell technology in so-called shingle technology. In this new module technology, the cells are cut into equal parts, superimposed and connected. The term “shingle technology” comes from the superposition of the cell parts, which looks like a shingle roof. This technology increases the active surface of the module and reduces electrical losses. The technical properties with an efficiency of 18.4 to 19.6% and a power of 320-340Wp are excellent for a completely black module. Because there are no conductive tracks on the front of the module, a homogeneous black module surface is created, allowing for a new aesthetic module design. The result is a colour-uniform roof surface.

NAVETTO  Solution for pyramid roofs 
Navetto is the distributor of Trienergia for the Benelux. With the Trienergia triangular solar modules, the perfect PV installation can be built on any roof with sloping sides. The corner elements are 45 degrees as standard and thus suitable for most roofs. Trienergia panels offer a high yield thanks to back contact technology. The 21-cell triangular panels yield 110Wp and the 42-cell rectangular panels yield 220Wp. They feature a full black finish and a 12-year product guarantee. At InterSolution you will discover the possibilities for pyramid roofs.

RENUSOL  New partnership with S-5! 
As a European Premium Partner, Renusol now markets the standing seam clamps from the US manufacturer S-5! for roofs with standing seams. This is enabling Renusol to meet the increased demand in this area and open up a new and important area of application thanks to our product portfolio. The extremely high holding forces are not the only advantage of the world's leading fastening solutions for metal roofs - the generalised very high quality of the entire product line also makes S-5! an excellent partner for Renusol. This partnership enables you to benefit from attractive prices in the European market and an improved availability of these very popular clamps. For Germany, some S-5! clamps have received certificates and a technical approval from the German DiBt (Institute of Construction Technology). As a result, you get a tested and reliably approved solution.

WATTKRAFT  New future-ready mono-phase inverters from Huawei 
Huawei is the worldwide market leader in the market of 3-phase inverters according to GTM Research. Also in the market of the smaller residential systems, Huawei has the same ambition. Last summer, Huawei launched its single-phase inverter which can be fully or partially equipped with power optimizers. This makes possible a flexible system design with a maximum yield. The power optimizers can be placed on the solar panels where necessary, for example where there is shadow. Finally, the single-phase inverter is future-ready for battery storage among other things. At InterSolution you can find out all about the future-proof solutions from Huawei.

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